25th October 2018

Wordsworth Primary School Case Study

Wordsworth Primary School can now rely on their technology with systems that are prepped for the future.

The Challenge

Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton has 630 pupils and 88 staff and had struggled with a central IT system that could not deliver the quality of service the school deserved. With technology becoming more important in the classroom and in the efficient running of the school, having a dependable IT infrastructure is essential.

Tech is at the heart of what Wordsworth Primary School does. The school uses technology in every aspect of learning. Teachers use it to plan classes, to communicate with each other and with pupils. Pupils use technology in class to learn and develop essential skills to help secure their future.

The school is part of a Multi-Academy Trust which was unfortunately not in a position deliver the quality or value required to maintain the high standards the school wanted. Equipment was out of date, support was slow and inflexible and IT planning and strategy were left to the school to develop themselves.

The Solution

Wordsworth Primary School decided to work with Techs4Education as we had a track record of delivering flexible, cost-effective solutions for schools across the country.

We began by implementing a more responsive IT support system that utilised our expert tech support desk and an onsite tech two days per week. We also rebuilt the school’s server as it was slow and struggling to cope with demand.

We have also assisted the school with future planning, project management and budgeting for future upgrades and development of their IT estate.

The Result

The result is a school that can rely on it’s technology once more, secure in the knowledge that Techs4Education is there to help with anything. The school’s server now works perfectly, devices can access the network when they need to and any tech support issues are handled quickly and efficiently. The onsite tech is at the school two days per week and is willing and able to help with any IT issue immediately.

The other benefit of working with Techs4Education is the ability to plan upgrades and future growth. The previous solution wasn’t able to deliver that with any degree of expertise. Techs4Education has helped the school develop a strategy that manages limited resources with the demands of the school and helps plan effectively for the future.

What they say about us:

 ‘The team at Tech4Education are like having extra staff members at school. They are friendly, approachable and always ready to help. The team are experts and have helped us develop a roadmap for upgrades and plan for the future in a much more organised way than we could alone. We envision a long term partnership that will futureproof the school!’

Nicky Tregear

Business Manager