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Partnered with the best tech providers in the industry and our extensive experience in education, we create first-class solutions that ensure your school is always at the digital forefront
IT Support

We make your budget go further to maintain and develop your infrastructure.

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Secure remote backup

A fully secure data
backup solution

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Interactive whiteboards

Present and work collaboratively with interactive boards.

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Wireless Connectivity

Super-fast wireless connectivity for your school

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Virtual Reality

Enriched multi-sensory experience that’ll bring the world to your classroom

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System Monitoring

Powerful & Intelligent real-time remote system monitoring

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Asset Management

Complete insight into your school’s IT assets

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Endpoint Protection

Real-time threat intelligence to keep your assets protected

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we are techs4Education

How we work

We offer cost-effective IT solutions that are collaborative, futureproof and come with a host of additional benefits that will inspire your team and your students. We work alongside your teams, from remote support through to on site technicians and everything in between. We become part of your organisation. We know budgets are tight, so we'll assess what you need, where you need it and where your budget will be most effective. We offer added benefits that the schools we work with use regularly, such as lending virtual reality headsets or running online safety classes.

  • of primary schools

    have 'well resourced' broadband

  • 906,506

    computers in UK schools are deemed ineffective

  • of secondary school teachers

    are seen to require training in e-safety issues

  • £13,800

    is the average ICT budget for a primary school. Compared to £58,230 for secondary schools

Techs4Ed are part of the school family. Liam is not seen as a visiting ‘techie’ but as a valued member of the team. This says a lot about Liam’s attitude to supporting our school and helping us to provide the best for the children.
Newlands Primary SchoolBusiness ManagerSouthampton