Time is ticking for SIMS.net on Windows 2008 servers


If your school is one of the thousands that use Capita’s SIMS.net and you’re using it on a Windows 2008 server, you don’t have long before it will go out of support. Capita have said that the service will soon no longer be supported while running on Microsoft Server 2008.

According to the SIMS.net roadmap, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2016 (Not R2) will no longer be supported by the company. The product will still work on these server operating systems and database but technical support for any issues will no longer be provided. Microsoft will be ceasing all support for Server 2008 R2 in January 2020 so the clock really is ticking.

Now would be a great time to consider a server upgrade. If that upgrade comes fully managed from a team of education IT experts who understand the cost implications and do everything they can to minimise disruption, all the better!

What happens when server is no longer supported?

At a time when budgets are under more pressure than ever before it can be tempting to leave your current system in place until the last possible moment before upgrading. We can’t blame you for wanting to prioritise your resources for more pressing needs but that could be a mistake.

Here’s why.

No more security patches

Capita will no longer provide any security updates to SIMS.net once the configuration reaches end of life. Once Server 2008 R2 reaches end of life, it too will no longer receive security updates. The potential risks you face when this happens are many and ever evolving.

No new features or fixes

Both SIMS.net and Server 2008 received regular feature updates and bug fixes throughout their lifetime. The fixes were arguably much more important but extra features are always nice. These updates will stop once they reach end of life.

More expensive support

Microsoft will offer support to Server 2008 R2 after it reaches end of life but costs escalate quickly. Depending on the support contract you have, you may find that costs increase significantly the next time it comes to renew support for your systems.

The solution

Techs4Education wouldn’t present a problem without also presenting a solution. You can of course run your server past its official end of life or you could upgrade to the latest Server 2016 and take advantage of some of the new features it includes such as better security, easier management and virtualisation.

It may sound expensive, servers aren’t cheap after all, but it doesn’t have to be. Techs4Education work with schools across the country to provide cost-effective solutions that take into account your needs and your challenges and build a solution that delivers on both. For example, virtualisation can mean lower running costs and administration over the longer term which can even work out cheaper than your current solution. Something you don’t get with Server 2008 but comes included within Server 2016. One of many examples where upgrading makes sense!

Techs4Education is perfectly placed to deliver low-cost IT services that deliver the specific characteristics your school needs. Talk to use to see how we can help you.

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