Five reasons to consider secure remote backup

If you’re still performing backups using tape or hard drives, you don’t need to tell us what a mundane task it is. What if there was a faster, easier way to perform those essential backups without the manual intervention? What if it was also secure, automatic and fully compliant? That’s exactly what Techs4Education can provide.

Here are five compelling reasons your school should consider Techs4Education’s secure remote backup solution.

Designed specifically for schools

While standard data backup solutions may work well for schools, having one designed specifically around the unique needs of a school works best. That means cutting-edge security for data in transit and at rest, the ability to backup, student records and any bespoke programs you may use at your school.

Low cost data backups

It isn’t often a new solution can cost less than the current one but in this case it likely does. Everything is done automatically and is stored securely in the cloud. That means no tape drives, no tapes, no wasting time manually performing the backup and no need for a dedicated fireproof safe for the tapes or offsite storage. All those things carry a significant cost which will no longer be required with our cloud solution.

Fully automatic operation

Staff come and go and priorities change. If your school is constantly trying to find someone to make the backups or juggle timetables to make sure it happens, automatic backups could be the answer. They are fully managed by us, fully automatic and fully secure. No manual intervention is required so you can use your skilled resources for more productive tasks.

Completely secure

Any IT solution that accesses student data has to be fully secure and compliant. Techs4Education’s remote backup solution is both of those. It uses state-of-the-art, fully managed and monitored servers and encrypted transport links that ensures your data is protected at all times.

Access your data anywhere at any time

The advantage of cloud storage, aside from cost, is convenience. The ability to access the data anywhere whenever you need it can save time, money and resources. It also adds an extra safety net should anything happen at school. It can form part of disaster recovery planning that doesn’t cost anything yet provides essential flexibility should the worst happen.

Those are five of the many reasons the Secure Remote Backup Solution from Techs4Education makes sense. If you would like to hear more or discuss your options, we would be only too happy to help!

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