Five reasons why you should consider G Suite for Education

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As a Google for Education Partner, Techs4Education is perfectly placed to deliver outstanding support for the G Suite for Education. The suite includes everything you need to manage a classroom and deliver seamless learning from a cloud-based solution. Developed by one of the most recognisable names in technology and backed by an established leader in educational IT support, you’re in safe hands!

We know it can be difficult to consider adopting a completely new technology to support students but Techs4Education will be with you every step of the way. We take the partner part of being a Google for Education Partner very seriously as we will be more than happy to demonstrate.

Why should you consider using G Suite for Education? Here are five good reasons:

1. G Suite for Education is free

You read that correctly. G Suite for Education is entirely free of charge. Unlike Google’s commercial products, it is not funded by advertising either. That means huge savings are possible in servers, software licensing, email systems and dedicated IT support. For once, saving money does not mean compromising on the services offered or quality either.

2. Your pupils already know how to use it

Most kids have a Gmail account, most will have used Google Drive and some may even have Chromebooks at home. Google Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Slides and Sites all use the same kind of interface and will take less than an hour for most to master. If your staff are unfamiliar with Google applications, it won’t take them long either. That means less time learning the system and more time using the system for learning.

3. Access G Suite for Education anywhere at any time

As G Suite for Education is cloud-based, your staff and pupils can access learning from anywhere at any time. Pupils can submit homework from home, staff can manage email, assignments and preparation from anywhere and with 99.9% availability, you don’t need to worry about not being able to access your applications.

4. Huge efficiencies can be made

There are huge productivity benefits to using G Suite for Education. As mentioned, pupils can turn in homework digitally which is worth the switch on its own. You can also create forms for permissions or requests and create reminders and send the link directly to parents. Google Classroom enables sharing of teaching resources and track work, grades and so much more. The possibilities are genuinely limitless.

5. You’re never on your own

G Suite for Education is fully backed and supported by Google and all Techs4Education customers get our expert support too. In the unlikely event something goes wrong, you can call one of our onsite techs if you have them or pick up the phone and talk to our expert helpdesk team. We will take it from there.

G Suite for Education is changing the classroom in many positive ways. If you would like to know more, contact Techs4Education today. We are here to help!

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